About Me

Welcome to Anjali Arora Designs Artistic World

Hello there! I’m Anjali Arora, a passionate artist with a penchant for creating captivating surface design patterns and thought-provoking abstract art. With an unquenchable thirst for creativity and an eye for intricate details, I’ve dedicated myself to bringing my imagination to life through vibrant colors, mesmerizing patterns, and captivating textures.

Unveiling the Fusion of Art and Design

My artistic journey began in childhood, drooling over my color pencils and colorful rubber erasers. I won a children’s art competition (I painted a colorful joker with a polka dotted shirt and colorful balloons), which tickled me no end. Over the years, I painted in oils and watercolors in the Impressionist manner, which I still love. However, now my pattern design work is fairly eclectic, while I paint digitally in the abstract expressionist manner.

As you explore my portfolio, you’ll discover an array of contemporary surface design patterns that can effortlessly transform textiles, interiors, and various products into artful expressions of style and personality.

A Symphony of Color and Form

Driven by my fascination with nature, textures, play of light and shade and color, I strive to create surface design patterns that evoke feelings and stir the senses. Whether it’s the harmonious blend of colors or the rhythmic dance of shapes, each pattern or piece of abstract art I create carries a part of my soul and an invitation for viewers to embark on their own visual journey.

Unlocking the Potential: Art Licensing

I’m excited to share my passion not only through my portfolio but also by offering the opportunity for art licensing. Businesses seeking distinctive textile designs and captivating abstract artwork for their products will find in my collection a treasure trove of possibilities. From fabric, wallpaper, home decor, kids, women and men apparel, fashion accessories] to stationery and weddings, my art is ready to infuse uniqueness and creativity into everyday items.

Let’s Connect and Create Together

Thank you for joining me on this creative voyage. I invite you to explore my portfolio, get lost in the world of patterns and abstraction, and envision how my art could enrich your projects. Whether you’re an art lover, a fellow creator, or a potential collaborator, I’m thrilled to connect and collaborate to turn visions into reality.

Feel free to reach out for inquiries, licensing opportunities, or simply to share your thoughts. Let’s embark on a journey of art, design, and limitless possibilities together.


– Anjali