Case Studies

Explore some of the projects I have worked on in my decade-long User Experience career.


During my year-long stint with ATT, I worked on several projects such as the Multi-Device Protection Plan (MDPP),  Alt Contact & E911 For 911 calls, Consolidated Plans, Homebase and more.

I was the Lead UX Architect for this project.

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Macmillan Higher Ed Launchpad

At Macmillan, my responsibilities were two-fold: 1) conduct a UX audit of their existing Launchpad site with an eye on usability on iPads 2) based on this audit, make definite UX recommendations for the new ipad-friendly site they were launching.

I was a senior UX consultant on this project.

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Comcast XFinity Prepaid Internet

comcast ux

This project was part of my stint with Digitas.

Xfinity were launching a pilot to test the feasibility of prepaid internet services. My team was tasked with designing the website for this new service. The project involved taking into account a plethora of regulatory and corporate constraints. I was the Lead Interaction & UX Designer for this project.

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