A Personalized Amazon.com?

These COVID times have sensitized me more to our need to consume less (and not more that businesses and governments would have you do). An explosion of human population with soaring demands from every corner of the globe for growing lifestyle and convenience products may be good for corporations, but it certainly comes at the expense of environment, of animal and plant rights, of species justice.

Since I do most of my online shopping with Amazon (and have for the past 12 odd years), I would expect this leader of e-commerce to show some innovation where it matters most: the health of this planet. 

So as I started to do a quick audit of my Amazon.com pages to see how Amazon is doing in terms of helping me consume less, I certainly see no sign of that. The home page follows the mantras of all big box and e-commerce sites of yester-years: force the customer to pass through aisles and aisles of unwanted nonsense in the hope they will make some impulse purchases.

I started withe the hamburger menu on the desktop site. Now granted, I never ever open the hamburger menu to browse any categories. And yet, it is interesting to see how much of what is displayed here is completely irrelevant to me.

Amazon.com Help me consume less not more

Next we will move on to the Home Page which is a mind-boggling series of sliders and inane boxes full of stuff I have not ever purchased from Amazon, but hey, there’s always hope!

This above screen is so irrelevant to me that 99% of the times, I simply use the search bar at the top and move away as quickly as possible from this dizzying array of sliders and animations.

Next we will look at how I would love my home screen to look. 

Below is a Personalized Home Screen;

  •  notice the gazillion menu items have dropped off. I now see only the categories I am interested in.

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