Macmillan - Launchpad For iPad UX Audit & Recommendations

I was brought in as a senior UX consultant on this project for Macmillan NYC.

Tools used: Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, Excel


UX Consultant, Site Audit, Design Recommendations for iPad

The Problem:

macmillan ux for Launchpad

My team was tasked with undertaking a UX audit of their Launchpad site with an eye on making it iPad-friendly.

My work was to determine the what changes needed to be made to this existing site so that macmillan could offer it to the growing iPad customer base.

macmillan launchpad ux 2

I undertook a deep and thorough study of their existing website, and came up with design changes that would be required at the minimum for a functional iPad-friendly site. 


  • The Launchpad site is a very complex one, used by higher-ed customers of Macmillan. The desktop website had a large number of very complex and involved interactions that now needed to work on the iPad. 
  • Since my mandate was to suggest minimum changes so that a minimum viable iPad site could be quickly made available, we decided to simplify things by offering them in a stripped-down on an iPad. e.g the Assignments calendar for students. On the desktop site, this feature allowed for editing; on the iPad site, we offered this as a view-only feature.
  • My deliverables including a UX audit of the existing site as well as design recommendations for the new iPad site.