Comcast Xfinity Prepaid Internet

As Senior UX & Interaction Designer for Digitas in New York City, I was tasked with the UX design of a new website for Xfinity Prepaid Internet service. The site would have sections for both consumers as well as retailers.

Tools used: InDesign

comcast ux


UX design, Interaction design, wireframing, design recommendations

The Problem:

comcast xfinity UX 1

The consumer-facing website started with some information about the service and how it works. When the customer was ready to sign up, they first had to check their eligibility based on their physical address.

Once eligible, they could move forward by activating their service, managing their account, and refilling.

comcast xfinity UX 2

On the retailer side, the site would provide a Check Eligibility tool for walk-in customers so that the retailer could determine if they were eligible to purchase the kit.

This section also included a Customer Activation tool. 


  • The various tools on the website such as Eligibility and Activation required fine-tuned interactions as well as user-friendly error-messaging.
  •  The Account Management section similarly required detailed interactions to allow for refilling an account via Debit or Credit card.