Infusing the World with Beauty & Color: A Journey Through Vibrant Surface Patterns

Anjali Arora

Surface Pattern Designer & Abstract Artist

Jersey City, NJ, USA

Email at aarora99 […..]

Creating a little art every day

About Me

Hello, I’m Anjali Arora, a passionate surface pattern designer on a mission to infuse the world with splashes of beauty and color. With a heart that beats for creativity and an eye tuned to intricate details, I translate my imagination into captivating patterns that inspire joy and ignite a sense of wonder.

My design journey began as a child, sitting on the floor with my drawing book and pencil colors, where I discovered the profound joy that color and patterns gave me. Since then, I’ve honed my skills, blending a rich palette of hues and experimenting with textures to craft designs that breathe life into various surfaces. Whether it’s a cozy fabric, a stylish wallpaper, or an eye-catching piece of stationery, my work aims to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, creating a world that celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors around us.

Thank you for joining me on this vibrant voyage, where every pattern tells a unique story and every stroke of color paints a new chapter in the ever-evolving canvas of life. Let’s embark on this creative journey together!

Big florals  Pink, Blue on Pistachio Green 72dpi

My Pattern Collections

Enchanted Gardens Pattern Collection by Anjali Arora

Some of my Pattern Designs

Big Florals Hero2 florals & leaves dark pink
New Russets And Blues Pattern
watercolor texture trees green pattern
Polka Burst Dark Pink pattern
Watercolor ditsy florals blue pink pattern
Watercolor stripes vines blue pattern
Stars on fuchsia pattern
White Puffs on_Navy_Blue pattern

Some of my Abstract Art

Life Is Everywhere

Purple Haze

Golden Forests

Luminous Cobwebs

Joy O Joy